Road to Awe (RtA)

RtA launches for fall 2013 with a strong foundation in denim and leather—a direct extension of its founders’ heritage and personal style. Road to Awe (RtA) is an expression of art where detail and fit are paramount—each piece is created to be powerful and timeless.

Founded by Eli Azran and David Rimokh, RtA is the result of a personal trial, both in clothing and in life. “The truth is we were first collaborating on another project that was not a true representation of who we are as designers or individuals,” says Azran. “Our heart wasn’t in it and it showed.” After that experience, with ever growing determination, and whether success followed or not, they promised to always be
authentic and create clothing they were proud of.

With renewed vision and purpose, they partnered up with industry giant Signal Products, who gave them full creative freedom while guiding them through the difficult process of starting and running a business. “It was a demanding process that gave birth to this wonderful brand,” says Rimokh. “Road to Awe didn’t just become our name, it became a journey in constantly bettering ourselves.”

RtA’s anticipated debut collection is a strong showing of pieces that not only look good and feel great, but
lay the groundwork in creating a true brand identity while developing a cult following. Azran and Rimokh added Evelyn Ungvari, a well-known figure in west coast fashion, to their creative team as a stylist and chief merchant.

Together, the three have a clear and concise message: the RtA customer is an individual—she is a rebel who sets trends without trying—she has substance and promise. Clothing is very personal—it is an experience, a movement, an expression of one’s journey. It is her “road to awe.”